Hair extensions: 220g of life

extensions 1Hey dolls, I’m back!  Sorry I haven’t posted anything in 3 days. I’m trying to make a goal for myself where I write a post every night but its SO hard working full time and a 9 month old needing all your attention lol. Don’t worry I will get better! Anyway, tonights post I wanted to make about my hair and extensions! Now I am obviously not a natural bright red head, my hair is a dark, dark brown almost black. Well after I had my daughter I kept saying I wanted to do something different to my hair but I didn’t know what. One day I told my mom to dye it red and now I am in LOVE with my hair color. I love my black hair but I will be a redhead for a very very long time ! So yesterday night my extensions came in. Now I was debating between getting another set of Bellami hair extensions or trying out a new brand. I came across Jacqui White (IG – _JACQUIWHITE) , she had a review on scene_grlz_hair  (a growing customized hair extenstions business on IG) and I just knew these were the ones I had to buy. Don’t get me wrong my bellamis are great but I think they have too much hype and are way overpriced. I bought 22″ 220g jet black bellamis and they were $230. Now the scene grlz extensions I bought were 20″ 220g for $150 AND the quality of them are amazing! This was the first time I bought extensions through a business on Instagram but I am so glad I did!! There are 9 clip in pieces in all and the picture posted I don’t have them all clipped in. I also dyed them. They were a sort of light blonde color and I was so surprised at how good the color took, especially for dyeing them on the first try. Below are some pictures of how I dyed them and what I used.

unnamed (3)

I used three 1.2 oz tubes and 3 oz of 40 creme developer for each tube. I did 2 tubes at first and then opened up the last one after just to make sure there would be no blonde spots left.

unnamed (4)unnamed (5)

I combed through the hair and then placed one weft at a time onto the aluminum foil. With the brush applicator I would do section by section until it was covered in dye. I then flipped the weft over and did the same thing to that side.  After I did that to each weft of  hair I massaged the extra dye into the hair and left it for an hour. Rinsed with cold water and deep conditioned for about 5 minutes. These were the results after completely being washed of everything.

unnamed (6)

I then quickly just blow dryed them so I can see the actual color of them. These were the before an afters. AMAZING!!


This all took me about 2-3 hours but it was well worth it for the results! I’m more than happy with the product and I will deff be buying more in the future! Make sure to follow me on IG @thebeautyvixens and  @scene_grlz_hair and check her weave out. I will be posting more hair pics up soon I just really wanted to share this with you guys 🙂

Leave a comment down below if you have any questions!



unnamed (7)



  1. patty · March 21, 2015

    So I am in love with your I as well have red hair more cherry but I use to have the clip in one’s but I’m looking to get them again what do you suggest being I have very curly hair


    • All Things Beauty by A · March 21, 2015

      Thanks patty! yes the ones I have in now are clip ins and my hair is also SUPER curly. I just never have it out because I hate it lol. I love the clip ins bc you can put them on and take them off when you choose too


      • patty · March 21, 2015

        Ok what’s the best brand and since I mostly wear my hair curly.


      • All Things Beauty by A · March 21, 2015

        I have never bought curly clip ins but you can check if where I got these she has some. I posted her IG name in my IG post 🙂


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